Our Services

Our main focus is complex problem solving. It encompasses tasks from data collection and analysis through strategy development and implementation. We also provide project planning and execution.

We provide end-to-end financial advisory services for both sell- and buy-side transaction support, or for objective appraisal purposes to get objective picture of the value and future potential of your businesses.

Transaction Services

Due Diligence

We provide comprehensive due diligence services to identify value drivers’ and mitigate risks of businesses facing major strategic decisions, sell- or buy-side transaction.

Our solutions include not only an objective, fact-based, analytic approach to thoroughly understand the drivers of your business, but also ties together key insights and trends on your industry and business profile.

Commercial DD, Financial DD, Organization DD & Legal DD


We offer objective and reliable services to determine the worth of businesses, assets, and investment opportunities.

We offer comprehensive valuation solutions that include financial and operational analyses, market research, and benchmarking to provide accurate and reliable value.


Business Valuation, Project Valuation

Mergers & Acquisitions

To help you in a complete transaction process we provide comprehensive M&A services too, including post-merger integration to maximize the value of your target business.

We offer you an approach generally consisting of five steps to make the most value out of your transactions:
1. Deal Origination, 2. DD, 3. Valuation, 4. Transaction Structuring, 5. PMI.

M&A Advisory

Initial Public Offering

We offer initial public offering (IPO) advisory services as comprehensive solutions to help clients navigate the complex process of going public.

It is based on professional guidance and support from initial planning and preparation to execution and post-IPO activities. We assist clients with the evaluation of readiness, financial and accounting diligence, structuring of the IPO, regulatory compliance, and investor relations.

IPO management

With our strategy advisory practice, we help to shape the future of your business. To drive that, we address your unique challenges, provide tailored solution and expert support for effective implementation and long-term success.

Strategy Advisory

Corporate Strategy

Our corporate strategy advisory services provide expert guidance and support to you to improve your existing strategy or to develop and implement new ones.

We assist you with analyzing business your environment, identifying opportunities for growth and improvement in the light of current market trends. We provide actionable insights, which we can help you to implement too.

SBU Strategy, Holding Strategy, Marketing & Sales Strategy

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility study advisory services provide bottom-up analysis to you evaluate the viability of new projects and initiatives from strategic, financial and operational perspective.

We conduct comprehensive market research, industry analysis and put it in the context of your initiatives. The evaluation is completed with careful risk assessments to determine the feasibility of the project.

Business Case Development

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy consulting services support you to develop and implement effective investment strategies in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Our team’s experience in Private Equity and managing VC fund will provide you the best practices to manage your investment strategies.

Investment Pipeline and Plans

Funding Strategy

Our funding strategy advisory practice helps for you to make the optimal decision for funding your growth, initiatives or new projects.

Our legal and financial experts have experience and up-to date know-how on the available options for EU grant and commerial funding opportunities.

State and EU Grant Funding, Commercial Financing Strategies

Our operations & organization practice focuses on improving your existing processes and implementing new ones for both primary and support activities of your business. Our goal is to support your successful change.

Operations & Organization

Change Management and Re-organization

Our services in change and re-organization practice provide a comprehensive guidance to help your business to adapt to its environment with aim on performance enhancement.

We analyze your performance in the context of your value chain and benchmark it to the market best practices. Based on our rigorous analysis we provide you insights on the root cause of underperformance and develop an actionable plan to improve your overall performance.

Turnaround Management

Operational Excellence

Our operational excellence solutions include a set of quantitative and qualitative analysis of your business with aim to identify and tackle inefficiencies within the organization.

We analyze your internal processes, business functions and operating expenses, we deliver an objective benchmarking cockpit which draws the attention to gaps in your operations. The final product include a set of actions to tackle the inefficiencies in your operations.

Overhead Optimization, Organization Audit, OPEX Cut Program, Cash-Flow Management, Core Process Audits and Optimizations


Our services include an in-depth supplier-procurement analysis and procurement process audit with a goal to identify opportunities for improvement in the volume, and nature of procurement of raw materials, supplies or services.

We perform rigorous, in-depth analysis of your cash-out flow. The improvement plan is a tailor-made solution which can include re-tendering of your contracted suppliers or budgeting practice for your purchased goods.

Procurement Audit, Supplier Re-tendering

Controlling and Business Intelligence

Our controlling and business intelligence practice aims to improve the structure and transparency of how you monitor the performance of your business, regardless of the size- or industry you operate in.

We provide tools as solutions for overall transparency over your data and translate them into meaningful information. Our goal is to develop continuity therefore, we are eager to help you to implement the right systems too.

Reporting Structure, Business Intelligence System

Our market research practice assists your business in gathering, analyzing and transforming data to insights. This helps you to understand industry, market and customer trends, product strategies to prepare you before making essential decisions.

Market Research & Polling

Market and Industry Analysis

Our team conducts thorough research, using industry-leading tools and statistical methods to deliver accurate and reliable results tailored to your demand.

We offer customized research reports, competitor analysis, customer preference analysis, and market trend analysis to provide insights on market specificity and industry trends.

Industry Performance Report, Comprehensive Market Research & Analysis

Survey & Polling

Our survey and polling advisory services provide comprehensive solutions to help your organization gain valuable insights into their target audiences.

We design and conduct surveys and polls to gather data on customer preferences, opinions, and behaviors based on your needs. The process is supported by statistical methods, however the end product is translated into insights.

Focus group Surveys, Opinion Polling

Shelf Space Monitoring

Our shelf space monitoring service provide an objective snapshot of retail product placement strategies to inform you on competitor behavior and to guide you in maximizing value capture in retail sales channels.

We gather qualitative and quantitative data in all major retail chains on your competitive landscape. We comprehend the data into drivers of successful product strategies. Our solution provides a list of actions to enhance customers’ perception of your product.

Shelf Space Analysis for Producers