solutions to complex business problems

Our goal is to understand and solve business problems.

We analyze the problem


Our goal is to understand the root of the problem and to map its drivers. Through comprehensive analysis, all details are reasonably dealt with.

We offer solutions

We seek the best solution for any given situation. Instead of providing theoretical solutions, we show you a practical approach.

We support implementation

While the result of our work is the end product, our mandate does not end with a paper proposal. We are ready to realize and implement what we advise to our partners.

We provide complex problem solving services.

Our main focus is complex problem solving. It encompasses tasks from data collection and analysis through strategy development and implementation. We also provide project planning and execution.

Transaction Services

We provide end-to-end financial advisory services for both sell- and buy-side transaction support, or for objective appraisal purposes to get objective picture of the value and future potential of your businesses.

Strategy Advisory

With our strategy advisory practice, we help to shape the future of your business. To drive that, we address your unique challenges, provide tailored solution and expert support for effective implementation and long-term success.

Operations & Organization

Our operations and organization practice focuses on improving your existing processes and implementing new ones for both primary and support activities of your business. Our goal is to support your successful change.

Market Research

Our market research practice assists your business in gathering, analyzing and transforming data to insights. This helps you to understand industry, market and customer trends, product strategies to prepare you before making essential decisions.

You have every reason to work with us.

Our Vision

We embrace challenge to solve demanding business problems. Our goal is to provide complex consulting services which ensure practical, feasible solutions for our partners regardless of the task.

Our Team

We possess both advisory and senior management experience. This guarantees practical and implementable solutions identified via thorough analysis. We are actively involved in business delivering the best performance possible.

Our specialists have more than a decade of experience in various industries.

Agriculture & Food

We provide the needed professional input for realization of the planned developments in the field of agriculture and food industry, owning the knowledge of the current market trends.

Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics companies are forced to be a part of an increasingly fierced competition in order to maximize their infrastructure capacity and improve their efficiency. By developing the right strategy, we provide our partners a competitive advantage.

Retail & Wholesale

Retailers and wholesalers are facing the changing consumer and customer behaviour, the accelerating market and the continuous implementation of innovations. By risk management and determining the feasibility of innovations, we ensure the efficiency of investments.

Further Expertise

Brand building and product introduction

Setting up communication strategies

Campaign planning and management